mapp Technologymapp Technology

mapp Technology is revolutionizing the creation of software for industrial machinery and equipment. mapp components – mapps for short – are as easy to use as a smartphone app. Rather than write lines and lines of code to build a user management system, alarm system or motion control sequence from the ground up, developers of machine software simply configure the ready-made mapps with a few clicks of the mouse. Complex algorithms are easy to manage. Programmers can focus entirely on the machine process.

Develop 3X faster

Accelerate your development cycles with modular, intelligent software. mapp components communicate with each other automatically and save you time and money.

Gain time for innovation

Focus on optimizing your machine processes and give innovation the attention it deserves. With mapp Technology, we free up the resources you need to make it happen.

Lower lifecycle costs

Benefit from a constantly growing range of functions. New and existing mapps are completely interoperable. Leave the software maintenance up to us.