Reference Voltage DC/DC Converter 2A

The Ref­er­ence Volt­age DC/DC Con­verter 2A is used to sup­ply sen­sors with a de­fined volt­age which is avail­able at the mod­ule's VRef out­put ter­mi­nal.



When a volt­age of 9 - 30 V is con­nected to ter­mi­nal 30 a ref­er­ence volt­age of 5 V / 10 V or 5 V / 17 V is pro­vided at the Vref out­put ter­mi­nal.


Product Details

Product Name Order No.
DC/DC 2A with 5 V / 10 V VRef. 1.​044.​300.​00E
DC/DC 2A with 5 V / 17 V VRef 1.​044.​300.​17E


Product Name Order No.
Flat pin socket 1.​017.​002.​00