Automation Studio 4

The single software tool from B&R automation


IP69K Servo Motors

Maximum hygiene for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals


B&R servo drives detect and correct lag error automatically



B&R continues to expand the functionality of its ACOPOS line of servo drives. Repetitive control – B&R's latest advancement – considerably improves the accuracy of production processes with stationary disturbances by using predictive lag error compensation. The performance of the machine or system is considerably increased without a great deal of additional effort. Repetitive control is available for all ACOPOS models simply by installing a firmware update.



B&R presents the Panel PC 2100 – with the latest Intel® Atom technology

industrial-panel-pc-2100The new Panel PC 2100 from B&R is a full-fledged PC system whose deceptively compact housing conceals colossal performance. The innovative design of this new system takes advantage of the latest Intel® Atom technology and represents a decisive advancement in the performance of embedded systems – with a price/performance ratio that can't be beat.

Equipped with a PC module that has the same dimensions as a Smart Display Link or DVI receiver, any second-generation Automation Panel can be transformed into a full-fledged Panel PC – including completely enclosed panels designed for support arm mounting.

B&R - Compact X20 controllers with integrated I/O

 The new compact X20 controllers feature 32 built-in digital and analog I/O channels

Pharmaceutical packaging machine using B&R

The NeoTOP 804 from Dividella prepares up to 80 boxes per minute, inserting up to four separators that hold vials and syringes safely in place.


Modern usage of combined energy sources with B&R automation


The Measuring and Control Division at REVOS specializes in the long-term implementation of control and measurement systems for heating and technical equipment in buildings, district heating systems, heating plants and transfer stations. Recognizing that proprietary building control systems tend to be too deterministic, with performance and reliability often approaching lower limit requirements for automated building systems, REVOS engineers decided to apply the more advanced control solutions found in industrial applications.

B&R Automation - Let it flow

More and more manufacturers are realizing they can achieve greater efficiency and productivity by implementing ultrahigh-pressure waterjets in their operations. Waterjets can cut a vast range of materials, are generally easy to use and maintain and, unlike many other methods, do not produce excessive heat that can alter the properties of the material.

Waterjet cutting is among the world’s most rapidly growing machine tool applications. While the process itself is fairly straightforward, the materials, technology and design that go into a waterjet cutting machine are quite complex. Waterjet technology uses a high pressure pump to turn tap water into an ultrahigh-pressure stream, which then flows through piping to the cutting head. Abrasive waterjet tools mix an abrasive additive into the water stream before it reaches the cutting head, allowing the waterjet to cut through virtually any material on earth.


How to wind up on top with B&R

METEOR can look back on decades of tradition in the construction of winding machinery. Automobile industry suppliers use their machines to produce ignition coils. The team of twelve generated a revenue of around 6 million Swiss francs in 2012, with the automotive sector representing about 60 percent of this total. METEOR sells around 60 winders each year, including three series of multi-spindle winders with standard models designed for coil widths ranging from 10 µm to 1.2 mm. Special applications can be developed for coil diameters up to 4.0 mm.