Custom control solutions with KlareTech and Elobau

Woodfirst Alpine Shovel Yarder

Run by brothers Peter and George, Woodfirst builds specialised machinery for the forestry industry in South Africa and exports to the rest of the world.

With over 40 machines operating world wide, they recently decided to launch a bigger machine with a complete electronic control system complete with a screen for visualization and camera views.

Banner ElobauIIAs well as supplying two Elobau joysticks for the machine, KlareTech built the wiring harness, control cabinet and button box and designed and wrote the software solution for the ECU and Screen in CODESYS 2.7 and CODESYS 3.5 respectively.

Information about the peripheral hydraulics is collected and processed by the ECU and sent to the screen for animated colour display using CANBUS. Control of the Hydraulics is achieved via a combination of hardwired redundant relay control and PWM and power outputs from the ECU changed by the operator using the Elobau Joysticks.

Five of the new machines are already operating out in the field in South Africa and Chile and with their class leading innovation there are surely more to come.