Other Plastics

We have Worked on multiple machines in the plastics industry here are some examples.

Turnkey machine built to press handles on PET bottles

2700 bottles per hour with a footprint of less than 4 square meters

KlareTech's latest turnkey project is set to become a serial production offering. The handle press applies handles to PET bottles before they are filled at a rate of one handle every 1.33 seconds.

The unique challenges for this machine are feeding the handles in a fast an economically viable way, and providing support to the sidewalls of the bottle so that it doesn't collapse during the application of the handle.

Our unique approach to feeding the handles to the machine from hand-packed cartridges allows handles to be prepared in advance or during operation. An XY stage driven by B&R servo motors gives fast precise positioning of the bottle support and handle press mechanisms in relation to the bottle and allows it to be cleared out of the way of the next incoming bottle at high speeds. Bottles are supported at the strongest part with another unique solution that ensures no load is carried by the sidewalls of the bottle during the handle application.

The machine is controlled using a B&R control system which is completely integrated end-to-end for plug and play maintenance and simple onboard diagnostics.


Turnkey board identifier and seperator for a label cutting machine









Software application for a soft tube box packing machine












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