Automation PC 2200Automation PC 2200

The control cabinet variant of the Automation PC 2200 combines a fully-fledged PC system and minimum size with the performance of the latest Intel Atom E3900 processors.

This innovative PC design is based on Intel Apollo Lake architecture, whose dual- and quad-core processor technology represents a milestone for embedded systems – all while offering an optimal price/performance ratio.



Some key features

  • Intel Atom E3900 processors
  • Up to quad-core CPU performance
  • Extremely powerful graphics
  • Compact dimensionsAutomation PC 2200 Info
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Smart Display Link 4
  • Fanless





Operating systems

  • Windows 10 2016 IoT Enterprise 64-bit
  • B&R Linux 9
  • Automation Runtime Embedded
  • Hypervisor










Communication in all directions

All important interfaces are integrated in the Automation PC 2200. This includes 2x Gigabit Ethernet and 2x USB 3.0. In addition, interface modules can be added for

fieldbuses such as POWERLINK and CAN. Compact CFast cards are used as data storage media.