Automation PC 620

Reliability over many years

The B&R development engineers considered the importance of long-term availability when choosing which components to use. After all, the product life span of a B&R Industrial PC series is 10 years and longer. Furthermore, the use of B&R industrial PCs in tough production environments places special demands on reliability and longevity.

The elimination of cable connections for PC components, stable fitting of circuit boards and the optional use of mass memory without rotating parts (Compact Flash) together with a very robust mechanical construction accounts for a high level of protection against breakdowns.

Long-term availability

All processors and chip sets used by B&R come from the Intel Embedded Division, which guarantees long term availability. 

Highest level of performance

For applications with the highest processor performance requirements, the APC620 is available with Intel Pentium M and Celeron M processors. These processors, developed specially for mobile computing, offer many advantages for industrial applications as well. They combine high computing capacity with low power consumption. The clock rates range from 600 MHz to 1.8 GHz. The Intel 855GME chip set contains two integrated graphic engines that provide optimal use of memory for the system and graphics. 

Intel® Pentium M

With the new Pentium M processors, Intel redefines the standard previously set for the individual processor clock rates. Pentium M processors are running at lower frequencies than Pentium 4 processors, but provide the same performance. The Intel Pentium M is the first processor that Intel developed specially for Notebook use. Up to now, the standard practice was to derive notebook processors from desktop processors. Manufactured in the latest technology, the Pentium M features shorter pipelines, which are partially responsible for the high performance at low clock rates. The up to 2 MB on-die L2 cache of the Pentium M processor is large enough to meet tough automation demands. The Pentium M processors are known by the name "Centrino". 

System Units

Model Number Description

5PC600.SE00-00 APC620 embedded System unit

Connectors for 2 x RS232, 4 x USB 2.0,...

5PC600.SE00-01 APC620 embedded System unit,

Connectors for 2 x RS232, 4 x USB 2.0,...

5PC600.SE00-02 APC620 embedded System unit

Connectors for 2 x RS232, 4 x USB 2.0,...

5PC600.SF03-00 APC620 System Unit Full Size

3 full size PCI Slots;...

5PC600.SX01-00 APC620 System Unit 1 PCI Slot

Connectors for 2 x RS232, 2 x USB 2.0,...

5PC600.SX02-00 APC620 System Unit 2 PCI Slots

1 slot for Automation Panel link...

5PC600.SX02-01 APC620 System Unit 2 PCI Slots

1 drive slot;...

5PC600.SX05-00 APC620 System Unit 5 PCI Slots

1 slot for Automation Panel link...

5PC600.SX05-01 APC620 System Unit 5 PCI Slots

2 drive slots 


Model Number Description

0AC201.9 Lithium Battery

5 pieces, 3 V / 950 mAh...

0TB103.9 Accessory terminal block, 3 pins,

screw clamp, 3.31 sq. mm...

0TB103.91 Accessory terminal block, 3 pins,

spring-type clamp, 3.31 sq. mm...

4A0006.00-000 Lithium Battery

3 V / 950 mAh...

5AC600.FA01-00 Fan filter for APC620

5 pcs. (spare part),...

5AC600.FA02-00 Fan filter for APC620

5 pcs. (spare part),...

5AC600.FA03-00 Fan filter for APC620

5 pcs. (spare part),...

5AC600.FA05-00 Fan filter for APC620

5 pcs. (spare part),...

5AC600.ICOV-00 Interface Covers

For APC620 and Panel PC; 5 pieces.

5AC600.SRAM-00 SRAM Module for APC620 and PPC700

512 kB.

5AC900.1000-00 Adapter DVI (male) to CRT (female)

For connecting a standard monitor to a...

5CFCRD.0064-03 Compact Flash 64 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.0128-03 Compact Flash 128 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.0256-03 Compact Flash 256 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.0512-03 Compact Flash 512 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.1024-03 Compact Flash 1024 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.2048-03 Compact Flash 2048 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.4096-03 Compact Flash 4096 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5CFCRD.8192-03 Compact Flash 8192 MB ATA/IDE Silicon Systems

5MD900.USB2-01 USB 2.0 Drives

DVD-R/RW DVD+R/RW, FDD, Compact Flash...

5MMUSB.2048-00 USB 2.0 Memory Stick 2048 MB

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