Power Panel 800 


Panel PC 820 15" XGA color TFT display with touch screen (resistive); connections for 1x RS232, 5x USB 2.0, Smart Display Link/DVI/Monitor, 2x Ethernet 10/100/1000, HDA Sound, add-on UPS slot, expandable with 1 or 2 PCI / PCI express slots, optional PCI Express compact and slide-in compact slot; IP65 protection (front side); 24 VDC Plug for power supply must be ordered separately (screw clamp: 0TB103.9; cage clamp: 0TB103.91).

The Automation PC 620 and Panel PC 700 devices prove that B&R place extremely high value on modularity when developing their industrial PCs. However, there is nothing that cannot be improved, so flexibility was increased to a new level when designing the PPC800. Therefore, many options can be implemented on the cost-optimized basic device. This includes up to two PCI and PCI Express slots, modular drives, additional interfaces and an integrated UPS. 

Scalable PC performance

The Panel PC 800 covers a wide performance range from efficient Intel Atom N270 processors to Core2 Duo processors for applications with the highest performance requirements. Brilliant 15" XGA and 19" SXGA touch screen displays provide a simple and intuitive user interface. 

Intel Atom processor for cost optimization 

Based on the Intel 945GME and 945GSE chipsets, the PPC800 with Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz processor is unbeatable in regard to optimizing the price/performance ratio. The combination with Intel 945GSE chipset is the best selection for all applications that require up to 2 GB SDRAM. For applications that require 3 GB SDRAM, the N270 processor can be ordered with a 945GME chipset.

Core2 Duo processors for the highest demands

Powerful Dual Core processors are used for applications that place high demands on computing power. For this purpose, Core2 Duo CPUs are available up to the T7400 with 2.16 GHz, which are also used on the APC810, together with an Intel 945GME chipset.

For even more advanced applications, such as can be the case when using vision systems, the Panel PC 800 devices with the new GM45 chipset and the Core2 Duo T9400 2.53 GHz processor reach a totally new performance class. This new processor/chipset combination achieves top benchmark results not only because of the higher clock frequencies and the large L2 cache, but also because of the new infrastructure that is optimized for the highest possible data throughput. This includes the 1066 MHz system bus, dual channel DDR3 memory support and a powerful graphics chipset.


With the Panel PC 800, it was also an ambitious goal to implement cooling without additional fans if possible. The chipset, processor and other components are connected directly to the heat sink using heat conductive materials. This makes it possible to operate Atom processors without a fan, and also select dual core processors.