Automation Panel 900

Diagonal Display resolution


10.4" VGA 640 x 480

12" SVGA 800 x 600

15" XGA 1024 x 768

19" SXGA 1280 x 1024

For tough operating conditions

The neutral design fits in any environment. The fronts are made of high-quality aluminium and have IP65 protection against sprayed water.

Simple handling of complex procedures

Whether intuitive operator interface via touch screen, fixed function keys or a combination of both, the Automation Panel offers all input variations. Function keys are labelled with individual legend strips and are supplemented with labelled soft keys on some variants. All keypad devices are also available with a touch screen, leaving all options open for the developer to create the perfect operator interface. Control functions that are frequently needed are typically assigned to permanently labelled function keys, with all other input handled using the intuitive touch screen. Function key legend strips are available for all of the different Automation Panel variants. CorelDRAW templates for labelling can also be downloaded from the website.

Maximum flexibility

All Automation Panels are equipped with an insert on the back that allows modular link modules to be connected. Each panel can be adapted to various transfer technologies to match the respective machine topology.

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